A TRENDSETTER:  On the surface, most schools look alike.  Pathway Christian Academy is different.  We are a part of the School of Tomorrow Network, a group of over 7000 schools utilizing trendsetting and innovative ideas to teach students to see life from God's perspective, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in wisdom.

AN INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM: Whether a student is a high achiever or a moderate paced learner, the Pathway Christian educational process proceeds at the exact level determined by the child's ability.  Each child is different.  True education must acknowledge that difference and encourage each individual to achieve their own potential.

THE FORMULA FOR EXCELLENCE: Individualization produces academic excellence!  Often students perform poorly because of forgotten or failed concepts from earlier grades.  The Pathway system allows us to identify these learning gaps and prescribe the correct curriculum to fill the void.

ENROLLMENT:  Believing that its small size and focus on the intellectual and spiritual growth of the individual student to constitute its most distinctive qualities, Pathway does not strive to become the biggest.  We strive for a student to staff ratio of 15 to 1.  Each year additional students are placed on the Academy waiting list until class vacancies allow their nondiscriminatory admission.

ENVIRONMENT:  Pathway Academy believes that students flourish in an atmosphere of discipline and respect, where faculty members are role models as well as teachers and advisors.  Strict standards of behavior, academics, and dress will help create an environment conducive to learning and applying new skills.

TRADITIONAL VALUES:  Biblical values and concepts considered foundational for interpersonal relationships and productive living are conveyed throughout the curriculum in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.  Also, our character training helps prepare students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities that come their way.

THE SIX LAWS OF LEARNING:  The Pathway Christian educational concept is built upon six basic laws of learning.  These directives place a great deal of responsibility upon the Academy, while recognizing the ultimate authority of the parent and the cooperation of the student.








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